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Basement Waterproofing Toronto

For Toronto homeowners, to avoid struggling with a wet basement, it is necessary to waterproof it. This ideally should be done during the construction stage of the house. Not always is this the case or is it done properly.

Unfortunately, many construction companies do insufficient basement waterproofing work. Although it reflects the minimum building code requirements, what should be waterproofing does not do a good job of actually protecting the home from water damage.

For this reason, it is common for new homeowners to redo the waterproofing in the basement, once they settle in. Or if your home is still under construction, then get help from a professional that will make sure to do more than the minimum and will ensure high quality.

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Choose The Right Waterproofing Solution For Your Basement

The builder of the house can do the best waterproofing because they have direct access to all the walls, corners, and footings without anything getting in the way. Building the correct way and taking additional measures from the start is the best way to prevent any future annoyances. As well, it will help you avoid damage expenses or the need to remodel.

To protect your basement from water damage, either exterior or interior waterproofing techniques are used.

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Exterior Waterproofing

The objective of exterior waterproofing is to keep water from entering the foundation walls and seams and to prevent the deterioration of building materials. This method is the most effective in preventing a wet basement from happening. It redirects water away from outside concrete and traps the water before it reaches the basement. Often, there is an exterior drainage pipe or a sump pump on the inside to help with redirecting the water.

Water can get through cracks in the concrete very easily, so if you find that you have a wet basement it may be because the external waterproofing is damaged or it was done improperly to begin with. The older houses in Toronto sometimes do not have any waterproofing at all. Basement waterproofing from the outside requires the foundation walls to be excavated down to the footing. Then it is cleaned and inspected for damages or cracks. Also, at DrainCom we replace the foundation drain, and make sure that the weeping tile is properly connected to the drain or sump pump.  Only precision and attention to detail will guarantee the best performance. If something is wrong with the connection or anything else, we will provide the solution to fix the problem. If you see a leak, DrainCom technicians provides clients with a free inspection, using highest quality equipment, to find the cause.

Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing reduces water damage that comes into your basement with the aid of the exterior drainage system. Interior waterproofing involves the use of water resistant paint, addition of a vapour barrier to the walls, or the use of a sump pump. These methods are usually temporary and not as effective as exterior solutions, but significantly less expensive. Interior waterproofing of basement walls should be done however, if there is too much moisture in the soil, if the basement is very deep, or if the property of the neighbours is very close by.

At DrainCom we pride ourselves with the level of quality that we provide for our clients.

To show our appreciation for our clients we give a free camera inspection of the drain systems and complimentary weeping tile pipes. Whether you choose external or internal waterproofing method, we will advise you on what is best for your Toronto home.

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  • “Draincom actually helped me out twice. First time was in Feb when the first snow started to melt, and the water leaked inside to my basement, and again this fall when I wanted to waterproof the other side of my house. Slava came promptly and gave a competitive quote and was really impressed. I met with another waterproofer, and they recommended the waterproofing to be done indoors, which would have involved gutting up my finished basement. So glad I got more quotes and worked with Draincom.”

    Andrewfrom Toronto
  • “Draincom came to repair some damaged waterproofing around my home's foundation as part of their warranty. I needed the repair done quickly and Draincom was very cooperative and accommodating. Eugene was great and a pleasure to deal with.”

    Alice W.
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